NEPR offers a full selection of lime plastering work. Usually three coat work, the lime plaster may be finished in a number of ways such as:

Smooth sand face finish (floated)

Sponged (uneven cottage look)

Above are the most popular finishes we are asked for but if you have something else in mind then just ask and I am sure we can accommodate your needs and requirements. Whether you like it neat or uneven and rough, textured or smooth, rounded or angled we can produce the high quality lime plaster finish that you are looking for.

Internal lime Plaster

Full three coat lime work. Two backing coats using a purchased backing coat from our lime supplier with a finishing coat of lime putty finished with either a trowel, float or sponge.

Lath and Plaster

Whether it’s an insurance claim to replace falling down or decayed ceilings or a new building.  We offer a traditional service of replacing lath and plaster wall and ceilings.

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